Helsinki Sustainability Center was established to make research and analysis related to today´s difficult challenges truly sustainable and effective.

Helsinki Sustainability Center has multiple facets. It is an intelligence network, comprised of trained analysts, software tools, and professionally established protocols.


Manifesto for a Sustainable Planet
by Ian Dunlop, Tapio Kanninen & Mika Aaltonen

The Artic Storm
by Mika Aaltonen and Michael Loescher

by Michael Loescher and Mika Aaltonen.

by Mika Aaltonen

The Renaissance Society
by Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen

by Michael Loescher

Action learning courses and inspirational visionary leadership programs

» Decision makers Dilemma

» Complex Problem Solving

» Transparency

» Visionary Leadership Program

We offer Dynamic Research and Analysis for decision makers

» To recognize opportunities, threats and risks.

» To find and propose appropriate solutions.

» To allocate R&D&I and education resources in timely manner.

» To evaluate and help to determine which opportunities are in customer’s strategic interest and which are not.

» To allow customer’s field innovations and solutions faster.

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